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LAZERTIRIS LTD is the first company in Baltic states, that offers surface treatment with laser cleaning machines, and the machines itselves. If You or Your company are in need of metal surface rust removal, surface paint removal, surface oil stain or contaminant cleaning, coating surface cleaning, welding/coating surface pre-treatment, stone figure surface dust & attachement cleaning and any other cleaning or You want to order your own machine for your personal or professional needs, LAZERTIRIS LTD offers both - laser cleaning machines and cleaning services. Laser rust removal is not only cleaner and more gentle to the surface than chemical and abrasive methods, but also at the same time it degreases and prepares metallic surfaces for after treatment like painting or welding. At our disposal we have a 50W IPG demo unit for small surface treatment and restoration and we offer cleaning services with 200W IPG machine which can be used for big amount surface treatment.
LAZERTIRIS LTD is the only and official China based manufacturer “HERO LASER”, “QUESTT LASER”, "MAX LASERS" un “PERFECT LASER” product distributor and agent in Baltic, Scandinavian and Balkan countries.
All machines are being built from high-quality EU certified IPH PHOTONICS or RAYCUS (customers choice) laser parts and Chinese company housing. All machines are certified to meet every EU requirements and come with a warranty of 24mo for all laser related parts and 12mo for all other parts. After separate agreement we offer machine after-warranty service.
Our services include:
  • fully detailed consultation for every customer;
  • most suitable machine selection;
  • individual price offer;
  • managing of machine order;
  • informing customer about production and delivery processes;
  • managing of customs processes;
  • delivery to customers preferred address;
  • short customer introduction and training with the machine;
  • consultations and warranty services during warranty time.

Upon prior agreement You can introduce yourself with the laser cleaning process and take with You some samples You want to clean.
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